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Uniforms, literature, and other Scouting merchandise is available at your local council and Scout shops. Visit to order online.

Where can I purchase BSA literature, uniforms, and other program materials?

For those parents who have been involved with scouting before, either as a scout yourself or with another child, you probably already know of the great adventures that scouting has to offer you and your son, but some of you may not be sure of what to expect.

Join us at a couple of meetings to see what we do and get to know the leaders. Then after you register you will be able to participate in special events and camping.

Do I have to join right away?

Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in kindergarten through fifth grades. Children who have completed the fifth grade can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Scouts BSA or Venturing programs.

How old (or young) can a child be to join Cub Scouting?
My family is very busy; how would I have time to be an effective leader?

You will not have to carry the responsibilities alone. Other leaders and parents in your unit will lend a hand by using their skills to teach the youth or assist with special projects, enabling you to be an effective leader and parent. Be sure to ask for help before you need it.

Express your interest to the pack leaders—the Cubmaster, chartered organization representative, or members of the unit committee. They can help you understand the process and guide you on areas where the pack needs support. All packs welcome parent help.

How can I become an adult volunteer in Cub Scouting?

A lot of parents have had to juggle younger siblings while attending meetings with their Cub Scout. As long as your child is not distracting, they might be able to join in with some of the activities also.

As your child gets older, 4th or 5th grade, he or she may not need you right by his side and you might be able to step into another room with your younger child.

What about younger siblings?
If I don’t know much about camping and the outdoors, how could I be a good Scout leader?

Being a good Scout leader requires more than knowing how to camp. However, the Scouting program does provide outdoor training classes for leaders with beginning, intermediate, and advanced outdoor skills.

Is training available?

There are a variety of training opportunities available, specific to the leadership position you hold. As a new unit leader, online training is available immediately to enable you to run your first meeting successfully. More in-depth training is provided throughout the year, and monthly roundtable meetings enable you and other leaders to share ideas on how to organize fun and exciting activities for youth.

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